Friday, October 12, 2007


Look what I got!!!!

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My mitten package came today! Thank you to my Mitten Pal!!!
Look at all the great goodies I got!
First, I got a pair of mittens (of course), but look how awesome they are!!! (and they fit perfectly too!) Plus, a skein of beautiful handspun. (I know how much work goes into handspun and it is totally appreciated!) Three handmade stitch markers (gorgeous), A pair of super-soft-n-fluffy socks, Some moisturizer, A magnetic grocery list and pen (will put to good use for sure) and a bunch of delicious looking hot chocolate.
I'm so spoiled.
Thank you so very very much.


Dandy said...

wow that was fast... the PO ladies said it would get there next week.... but they've been wrong before!! lol

knitphomaniac said...

wow! Those are great mitts! And what a great package too!