Monday, September 3, 2007

Mitten Swap 3 Sign Up Info

Welcome to Mitten Swap 3! I am your host, Midwest Knit Girl (aka Patty). As indicated by the name of the post this is the 3rd mitten swap I've hosted. I hope you decide to sign up - I can promise you will have a good time!

For this swap I'm asking that participants be from the U.S.A. and Canada only. If this swap is successful and there's interest from those outside of the U.S.A. and Canada, I will definitely host a 4th mitten swap which will include our International friends.

SIGN UPS BEGIN - August 26, 2007
SIGN UPS END - September 22, 2007

All the info you need to know is below - there's a lot so grab a cup of coffee and read on!

1. Knit a pair of mittens for a secret pal AND include something else when you ship their mittens. The 'something else' could be stitchmarkers, yarn, a pattern, treats, a notions bag. Whatever you think they'll like. You can find out more about your secret pal by looking at their blog and their Q&A.

2. How much to spend? Not including shipping costs, please plan to spend at least $20.

3. Your Q&A is due at the time of sign up (this is at the end of the post).

4. Please use the required Q&A to determine what color(s) to knit the mittens. The goal is to ensure that people receive a pair they will wear and enjoy.

5. Participants are not allowed to use 100% acrylic yarn for their mittens for one main reason - acrylic is not warm. Trust me, I'm a midwest girl and acrylic mittens never kept my hands warm growing up. So please, be considerate and choose something else to make your mittens out of. That said, there's nothing wrong wth a yarn that has a blend of fibers that includes acrylic, in fact there are some very beautiful yarns out there you could use.

6. Contact your pal at least 3 times during the swap using an anonymous email to say hi. I've developed friendships via my swaps in the past and maybe you'll be able to as well!

7. Post an update to this journal at least once during the swap - you can provide a picture of the yarn you're using, the pattern, whatever you like. Just throw something out there to let us know you exist. :-)

8. You may use any mitten pattern you like, I will post some on the sidebar for you to use but if you have something in your pattern or book collection by all means, go for it!

9. What NOT to knit? I'm not kidding folks, last year we had a participant who shall remain nameless, who knitted the mittens you see below. If you think you're siging up as a joke to knit mittens like these, don't waste your time doing so. It's cruel and this should never happen to anyone.


To entice you a little more...I also have contests during my swaps in which you can win yarny goodness and supplies.

To sign up, please send the following information to
mittenswap AT hotmail DOT com no later than
September 22nd.

1. Your name and address (this will only be for me and your secret pal, I will never sell it, swap it, nothing - in fact I delete the emails containing sign up info once my swaps have ended).

2. Your blog name and URL

3. Main email address and an anonymous one you intend to use (they're free at hotmail, yahoo and many other places).

4. Answers to the Q&A below.


1. What are your favorite colors?

2. What color or colors would you prefer NOT to have in your mittens?

3. Do you like novelty yarns such as eyelash or the multiple types of yarn in one skein or other novelty types?

4. What are your measurements -

A - Length of hand from tip of middle finger to your wrist
B - Measurement around your palm not including your thumb
C - Thumb length from beween thumb and forefinger to the end of your thumb

That's it - you made it to the end of the information - I hope you decide to sign up!


knitphomaniac said...

Yikes, those mitts are something else. I like the colours used, but I'm not sure who has two different hands to fit those!

I'm glad to see the mitten swap! I just wanted to note that the current knitsimple mag (fall 2007 issue) has a section on mitten knitting, to accomodate all sorts of yarn tensions.

Anonymous said...

I have a brand new blog - I've only posted once so far. Is that OK? Can I still join? I would love a mitten swap! Linda

knitgirl63 said...

Hi Linda, sure you can sign up. Send me your info and we'll get you on board!

Helen said...

Hi- I thought I had joined this swap....but I never got a response or a match. I guess if you've no record of me was all in my head. I f you need a sub, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

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